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All you need to know about gasket insertion

Gasket insertion isn't always as easy as it sounds. Your aim is to create a solid and reliable seal between a profile and a gasket and offer your customers a streamlined finished product. Correct gasket insertion is an essential step in the process and it's so much easier to achieve a product you can be proud of with the right machinery. With over 50 years of experience in the aluminium extrusion sector, Muller AG is trusted by some of the most famous international brands. Discover the many ways in which Muller machinery can make a difference at or read on for more information.

What is gasket insertion?

Before we get to gasket insertion, maybe it's best to take a closer look at the simple gasket. In layman's terms, a gasket is a versatile component that is used to create a seal between two materials or parts. In the window and door frames industry, gaskets are used to create a solid bond between the profile and the glass or to provide an extra seal in the opening and closing mechanisms. Gaskets might be made of copper, steel, aluminium or rubber but they all have one thing in common - if they're not fitted correctly, they won't work. It's that simple and that's why it is so important to choose gasket insertion machinery that you can count on.

Meet Muller AG, the gasket insertion specialist

Founded by Hermann Muller in 1965, Swiss-based Muller TB Technologies AG now provides assembly systems for most of the world's prominent aluminium extrusion companies. Specially-designed modular assembly systems of this calibre make gasket insertion a piece of cake. Our experienced team is able to create unique systems that take your personal needs, the size of your plant, and your overall aims into consideration. From crimping and knurling to tape or gasket insertion, your production line is transformed into the streamlined and productive operation you desire.

Unique and innovative gasket insertion systems

Conveyor systems can be designed for any size of space and these clever machines allow you to easily move from step to step. Gasket insertion is, of course, one of the most important steps so there is no room for error. Each Muller plant system is built to exact specifications and from the highest quality materials. Built to last, durable and easy to operate assembly machines offer precise gasket insertion with less waste for many years to come. Enhance your technique with an assembly robot. Robots are the ideal choice for foremen and factory managers who don't want to take operatives away from other important tasks; one robot replaces two workers and holds the profile firmly in place for each step. Gasket insertion has never been faster or more exact.

Gasket insertion: learn more now

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