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Helping gasket manufacturers to find the right solutions

The importance of the humble gasket really can't be understated; it acts as a seal and helps to prevent leaks so it's vital that it is fitted correctly. Gasket manufacturers who demand quality, speed, precision and durability choose machinery and systems created by Muller Technologies. Our innovative modular systems can be built entirely to your specifications allowing you to achieve a better and more effective finished product. Read on to learn more about the simple but effective gasket and discover why gasket manufacturers all over the world rely on Muller machinery.

The gasket manufacturers guide to a versatile component

Gasket manufacturers produce components in a wide range of materials including rubber, cork, steel, copper and aluminium. They are then used in a diverse range of industries including the aluminium window sector where they are chosen to create a secure fit between the profile, or frame, and glass. It's essential to select the correct gasket; they come in a vast range of sizes and in various types such as the wedge or E type gasket that is used to create a powerful and reliable seal. Gaskets can also be used to join different types of material such as aluminium or PVC securely, or they can be placed in the window opening and closing mechanisms as an extra seal.

Why do leading gasket manufacturers choose Muller Technologies?

Europe's foremost gasket applicators choose Muller machinery to fit gaskets efficiently and precisely for a streamlined and reliable finish. Aluminium frame assembly is so much easier with systems that have been specifically developed for the task. Crimping and knurling, taping, and gasket fitting; you can design the assembly system that best suits your needs with the help of our knowledgeable and experienced team. You might find that an assembly robot assistant will save time and money. There is no need to take two of your workforce away from other tasks to place profiles in the correct position for assembly and gasket insertion. The robot assistant ensures that each frame is precisely aligned for the best possible finish.

More specialised systems for gasket manufacturers

Or, why not take a closer look at Muller conveyor systems at Many gasket applicators choose conveyor systems to speed up the assembly process and provide a smooth transition between each step. All Muller machinery for gasket insertion has been built to the highest specifications from premium materials. Our modular systems are rigorously tested for quality and precision and can be easily installed with regard to your existing layout.

More advice for gasket manufacturers

Its vast experience in the aluminium profiles industry makes Muller the ideal partner for both Swiss and international gasket applicators who demand more. Our many satisfied customers include most of the world's leading aluminium extrusion specialists and we are happy to help with projects of any size. Please feel free to contact us by email or telephone if you require further assistance.


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